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Data for BIH Gold Project Groundwater Model

This document contains all the recorded baseline bore data that has been used in the Inverbrackie catchment groundwater model development. The interpretation and analysis of that data is included in the model and the groundwater report.

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  1. The document includes
    1. 2014 Drilling Logs from IB Wells
    2. 2014 Downhole Geophysics Lots from IB Wells
    3. Constant Rate Drawdown Test Analysis
    4. Well Census Assay Results
    5. Inverbrackie Creek Springs identification

These studies include the peer review report in accordance with the Bird in Hand Gold Project Ministerial Determination. This page also includes EPEPRs for the MAR investigation, and reports arising from the current investigations.

EPEPR 2019 – Reinjection Test Work

MAR Investigation – Drilling and Pumping Tests Report for Stage 1

EPEPR 2018 – Stage 1

20170703 – BIHGP Final Groundwater Assessment

20170703 – Innovative Groundwater Solutions Independent Review

Appendix A1 & A2 – Investigation well composite logs and Down-hole geophysics

Appendix B – CRDT Analysis

Appendix C1 C2 C3 – Investigation wells water quality, Private wells water quality and Surface water quality

Appendix D1 & D2 – Well census 2014 notes and Spring survey

Appendix E – Piper plots

Appendix F – Numerical Model Development

Appendix G – Simulated groundwater elevations (RSWL)

Water Management Strategies