Bird-in-Hand Environment

Terramin understand that the Mount Lofty Ranges is a unique biosphere, a remote island range of high rainfall and biodiversity values, containing native woodland separated from similar habitat in south eastern Australia, because of this separation and the clearance of vegetation habitat in the area the values of remaining biodiversity are critical. Similarly water resources, including groundwater, are highly valued for its benefits to the environment and to landowners and as such must be managed in a way that ensures no degradation of the amounts of water or to the quality of that water.

Terramin is committed to managing the land it owns to ensure no negative impacts to riparian zones, groundwater, native flora and fauna, or soil health values occurs. Furthermore Terramin will commit to working with neighbouring landholders to assist where we can the long term population survival of endemic native species identified as being in decline, such as woodland birds and listed flora.

Terramin will be compliant with the Western Mount Lofty Water Allocation Plan, Environmental Protection Authority policies, the federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation act and any, yet to be imposed, mining lease conditions; as well as the Adelaide Hills council development plan (March 2015) mining clauses.

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