Angas Zinc Mine Environment

Environmental Management is an important part of the AZM Operation. In consultation with the community, Terramin has implemented an active environmental management program that has enhanced the environmental values of the site when compared to the land use pre-mining, which included both a quarry and landfill. Environmental improvement projects were implemented during the construction phase and have continued throughout operations, which will lead to a stable, environmentally enhanced site following mine closure.

Part of this includes the Significant Environmental Benefit areas, which have been direct seeded and planted with native vegetation tubestock . Of the species included, there is a special focus on Melaleuca lanceolata, which is regionally uncommon and the endemic vegetation associated with this species, including perennial native grasses. Terramin undertook a commitment from the community to reduce their impact on global climate change, and as a result, have planted over 10 000 trees over the last decade.

Terramin introduced long term management of issues resulting from previous use of the Angas site. These include the removal of historic refuse, control of woody and perennial weeds such as Boxthorn, Salvation Jane and Horehound and eradication of feral animal burrows and ongoing rabbit control.

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