Expression of Interest

Woodside Community Consultative Committee (WCCC) Expression of Interest in becoming a Committee Member

On-line version of Expression of Interest for the Woodside Community Consultative Committee

  • The WCCC is being established by Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd to provide an important forum through which the local community can stay fully informed, provide input and be involved in the Bird in Hand Gold Project.

    The intention is to move from a Terramin led engagement process to a community based approach facilitated by an independent Chair who will be agreed by all community Committee members.

    Any member of the local community with an interest in the proposed Bird in Hand Gold Project or who feels that they may be affected by it, is invited to complete this Expression of Interest in joining the Committee.

  • Your contact details

    Contact details will be collected, stored and used by Terramin solely for the purpose of establishing and maintaining the WCCC. All personal information is stored and managed according to the Terramin privacy policy.
  • Which of the following areas of special interest apply most to you?

    Note from Bob Goreing – the interim Chair helping set up the WCCC
    The reason for this question is to make sure that the WCCC has a good representation of the local community and the many and varied interests there may be in the Project.

    Being a Committee member involves taking a leadership role (particularly om topics in which you may have a special interest) and making sure that the views of other people in the community are brought forward through your networks. These topics of special interest are likely to include:
  • First meeting of the WCCC

    All those community members who express an interest in joining the WCCC will be invited to the first meeting of the Committee on Monday 5th June 2017. At this meeting, those present will:
    • provide a short introduction to themselves
    • check that the WCCC represents a wide variety of community interests and finalise WCCC membership
    • agree on the agenda for the WCCC and other things like the best meeting times
    • consider materials that have been produced from previous consultation and make sure that these are appropriately recognised in order to avoid repeating this work
    • agree to select a permanent Chair for the WCCC who has the confidence of all of the Committee members
  • Note from Bob Goreing, the interim Chair helping set up the WCCC The reason for this question is to help you prepare for the first meeting of the WCCC which will include each person introducing themselves. This will also help me as the interim Chair, to get to know a little bit about each person before we meet for the first time and make sure the agenda for the first meeting is likely to cover your interests.

Expressions of Interest close on Sunday 4th June 2017.

The first meeting of the WCCC (to which all those who have expressed an interest are invited) will be held on Monday 5th June 2017. A separate invitation to this meeting will be sent as soon as your Expression of Interest is received – but please reserve the date.

For further information contact:

Bob Goreing
Independent facilitator and interim Chairperson
e mail: [email protected] mob: 0418 816 788

Alternative hard copy of EOI and general enquiries

If you would prefer to complete the form as a hard copy, please contact Monica Compton, Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd: e mail: [email protected] or phone: 8213 1415

A self-addressed envelope will be provided by Terramin addressed to:

Attention: Monica Compton Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd
Woodside Community Consultative Committee EOI
Unit 7: 202-208 Glen Osmond Road
Fullarton SA 5063